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Smart Guys Sports: The birth of another sports blog

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As another sports blog hits the Internet, here is a look at what Smart Guys Sports is and hopes to accomplish. Not just another pretty website.

The world does not need another sports blog. Yet, here we are.

Welcome to Smart Guys Sports. A place where you get to read about how wonderful baseball is and how overrated the NFL has become. From sports history to whatever else quirky catches the eye, it will get covered here.

If you want a few words on me—and really, who does not come to a blog without wanting to know every personal detail about the author—I am not a noob. Over the last six years, I covered golf, baseball, hockey, tennis, college and pro football for sites such as Bleacher Report and FanSided.

(There are a few jobs from sites long defunct that owe me money. Goes with the business.)

I hope to offer original insight without the stinging, and often wrong, hot take. This is a place where I can go outside my personal comfort zone and get better as a writer.

At some point, I hope to bring along others as they go through the wonders of creating a career in sportswriting. A career as glamorous as herding cats yet can reward far beyond the money.

Sports brings out passions that defy reality. One minute, you feel on top of the world. The next has you crying in a towel. Yet, you would do it all over again in a heartbeat. We all know Lucy is yanking the football away from Charlie Brown, but there is that eternal hope he kicks it one day.

Yep, that is sports.

My goal is to have something fresh for you to read in the morning. Whether it is my take on a game or an event, or remembering something out of the past, I hope you comeback every once in a while.

Let’s have fun.